White Lotus Boutique, Mays Landing, New Jersey


We are two sisters that started this business over 10 years ago when we did our first jewelry party at a local hot spot where we both worked for. We lugged all of our handmade items there and set up shop. All of the employees and customers went crazy over our unique pieces and could't get enough we sold out of everything! We knew we had something that people wanted so we decided this is it, lets do this!  We went on to hand make our jewelry and accessories in our little apartment living room and it grew into an  "on the go" boutique called 'MY SISTERS CLOSET'.  For about 6 years we would do jewelry parties at friends houses and then finally decided to open our first store in Sea Isle City NJ! We both continued to work odd jobs for the next 3 years, while running our business with the goal in mind to be our own bosses one day and live out our dream! After 3 years of saving every dollar we made in our seasonal location, we jumped at the opportunity to open a second location at the Caesars Pier in Atlantic City, N.J. After another 2 years there we opened another store in that same Pier, called 'Jewel In The Lotus'. After 4 years in the Pier Shops we decided to move to the Hamilton Mall in Mays Landing N.J. Currently the Hamilton Mall shop is our only location and we are expanding here on the web. 

When we were kids we always loved making jewelry for our family and friends. We would set up stands outside of our house and sell crocheted bracelets we would work on all day and sell for just $1. Even then we knew then that it wasn't about the money it was about giving our customer what they wanted and seeing them smile. That motto has stuck with us through the years and it has really given us such a sense of satisfaction. Fast forward to the college years where Jaime went to business school and Lisa went to a fashion design school. Not knowing at the time we would end up using those skills to come together and birth this baby we now call White Lotus! 

It has been a long crazy road with some unforgettable memories and fun stories of our trials and tribulations We are so excited to finally bring our valued customers the products and feeling they get from shopping with us, to an online world. Something our customers have told us over the years is that they love our prices, the quality of our products and the homey comfortable feeling they get when coming into our store. We want to bring that to our customers on the web and we promise this site will be an evolving project that will have a ton of fun features that we will update daily. We want to thank you for your support and belief in us and our company because without our customers we would not be here. 


A little bit about the style innovator and our genius tech nerd Jaime!

She is a lover of all things tech. If it wasn't for her we would not be as far along as we are, because she is just a natural when it comes to mastering any task that has to do with technology or business. She is our hub and without her we would CRASH! She also happens to be an amazing stylist and buyer, and because of that she is superhuman. Her style is like a gypsy hippie with a witchy edge. On most days you will see her with a beautiful flowing dress with an asymmetrical flow, or very feminine top that would be paired with a rough moto jacket, styled with hardware that any biker would envy; Matte black moto boots accompanied by a spell notebook in her grips, filled with tech language scribble that only she can read. She is addicted to all things fashion and technology.




 A little bit about Lisa, our free spirited lover of all things creative .

You can find Lisa at one of the stores most days, dreaming up a new project or idea for decorating the stores or designing for the store lines or valued customers. She's obsessed with glue guns and creating one of a kind pieces and there is no stopping her once she has an idea! Her style is always evolving but she continues to stay true to her Boho spirit. She flies by the seat of her pants and loves and embraces new adventures! You can describe her fashion as if Janis Joplin and an Indian warrior had a baby...You'll most likely catch her wearing anything that has a bold tribal print mixed with a fringe jacket that came straight out of Janis's closet. She's almost always carrying one of her bright colored lipsticks in a one of a kind, vintage handmade purse from a fair-trade worker that's full of goodies from the stores to give away to friends. She loves to see people happy and enjoying the products and creations brought to life by White Lotus.

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